Nationwide Zoning Services was founded in 2008 by Debbie Allen. Her knowledgeable team of experts have years of experience gathering zoning information and a wealth of knowledge concerning a vast array of complicated zoning issues with existing properties, proposed developments and change of use. Law firms and lenders throughout the United States have sought our professional advice and opinions regarding land use and rebuildability issues.

How Zoning Ordinances Affect Existing Properties

Zoning Ordinances and Land Use Development Ordinances change over time. Your property may have been permitted at the time of construction, but due to revision or changes in ordinances over time or the adoption of new ordinances, the use of your property may no longer be allowed under current requirements. Changes to ordinances may also result in the reduction of permitted density and/or height or may increase required setbacks and parking. The result may be that in the event of destruction, your property may not be rebuilt as it currently exists.

What We Offer

We determine your project’s zoning jurisdiction and gather zoning documents, including Zoning Ordinances and Certificates of Occupancy.

We assist you in analyzing the risk associated with the zoning of your property by determining the rebuildability and any legal issues associate with your project.

  • We consult with local officials to determine whether or not your property has outstanding building or zoning violations.
  • We help you analyze any rebuild risks associated with your project.
  • We provide an easy to read summary of our findings with relevant municipal documents and applicable sections of the Zoning Ordinance.